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Geotechnical Drilling, Soil Testing, & Engineering Services

Soil Borings, Flood Letters, Wind Load Analyses, Foundation Plans, Compaction Tests, Septic System Evaluations, Stormwater Designs, Engineer Site Visits

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 Janis Engineering Group, Inc.

Janis Engineering has provided Tallahassee, and Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, and Wakulla County with quality engineering for over 20 years. In 2020, we expanded our services to Bay County and opened a second location in Panama City, Florida. In that time countless projects have been completed with honest and expert service that has established us as a caring and affordable full-service engineering option. With our experience and expertise in commercial and residential planning, our projects are valued and designed to get it right the first time.

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Soil Borings

Our drilling expert will come out to your site and use our drilling jack-up rig to take several shallow samples from the sediment. When the sample is removed from the earth, it will be analyzed for the type and grade. The results will help advise the construction of your site's foundation.

Wind Loads & Foundation Plans

Our expert team will design a unique and suitable plan view drawing based on your needs. The plan will show and identify the location and accurate sizes of footings, piers, columns, foundation walls, and supporting beams that your site may require. Janis Engineering can also design Wind Load Analyses, through determining the velocity, air density, placement, size of contact surface, and shape of a structure. Our expert design engineer will individually assess the intensity of wind pressure on the surface of a planned or existing project. These calculations will be in accordance to the local county building department codes, assuring a safe and compliant structure.

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Flood Letters and Elevation Certificates

Our team of flooding experts will come out to your site and use data to provide you with a flood letter and flood protection elevation if any of the property is located in a flood zone. Our team can also provide you with an Elevation Certification and benchmark as needed. 


Soil Borings, Flood Letters, Wind Load Analyses, Foundation Plans, Compaction Tests, Septic System Evaluations,  Stormwater Designs, Engineer Site Visits

Compaction Tests

Our compaction expert will come out to your site and perform measurements to determine the maximum density achievable for your fill on site. In addition to maximum density, this test also determines the effect moisture has on the density of the soil.

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Past Projects

Since our founding in 200​3, Janis Engineering has undertaken dozens of engineering projects across different industries, although we specialize in residential projects. Our task is to overcome new challenges with creative solutions. When we invest in a project, such as the ones below, we visualize the future. Check out just a few of our many success stories below.

7 Hills Tavern

  • Janis Engineering Group, Inc. was hired to create tailor-made drawings for Seventh Hill Tap Room, a delightful and quaint local bar in Tallahassee. Many amenities were added to retrofit this tavern with pool tables, a 17-person bar, and a beautiful wine display.

Chan Meditation Hall

  • The Tallahassee Chan Center is a Buddhist group that exists for the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. JEG was ecstatic to help the great people at the Chan Center to renovate an existing office place into a true peaceful meditation center! Some of our work included designing a vaulted ceiling to create a sense of open space. We also worked closely with mechanical and electrical contractors to modify the existing noisy AC installments into a quiet and efficient system to add to the Feng Shui of the establishment.

Apalachee Crossfit

  • A special project JEG was brought on for was a CrossFit studio located off Apalachee Parkway.  The building was designed to permit the most efficient and functional layout for various types of workout equipment.

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